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Pictured: the Mister Pete Photo by: Gary Markham

The Jackson Marine Corporation was owned by the Halliburton Corporation of Houston, Texas. The company owned a total of ninety vessels. Consisting mainly of offshore tugs, and supply vessels. With some chemical transport and well stimulation vessels.

The Jackson Marine Corporation later merged with the Zapata Gulf Marine Company of Houston, Texas and the Gulf Fleet Marine Company of Houston, Texas. The company became the largest shipping company in the world with a total of four hundred fifteen vessels.

In the fall of 1986, Seahorse Marine Incorporated of Lockport, Louisiana merged into the Zapata Gulf Marine Company adding an additional ninety vessels to the fleet.

The Seahorse Marine Company had been founded by the Arthur Levey family as Arthur Levey Boat Company after World War II. The company was later acquired by Petrolane Natural Gas of Belding, Mississippi. Where the company was renamed Seahorse Marine. In 1985, Petrolane was acquired by the Texas Eastern Company of Houston, Texas. Which was a larger natural gas company. However in the fall of 1986, the Texas Eastern Company traded the company to the Zapata Gulf Marine Company for an exchange of stock.

On January 15th, of 1992 the Zapata Gulf Marine Company merged with Tidewater Marine Incorporated of New Orleans, Louisiana.
(Captain Eric Takakjian)

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