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Boston Towboat had been founded in 1857 as T-Wharf Towing. At the time it was owned by a company called the Mystic Steamship Company. Mystic Steamship operated coal carrying colliers, transporting coal to and from east coast ports such as New York, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; and Newport News, Virginia. However ownership changed hands when T-Wharf towing was absorbed in the parent company of Boston Gas, Eastern Enterprises. The company was later renamed as Boston Towboat.

Boston Fuel Transportation was founded in 1932 by Bert Reinauer. In the early 1950's he partnered with Vincent Tibbetts Sr. who then owned a company called Chelsea Fuel. Boston Fuel Transportation operated a small fleet of motor tankers and barges that called on ports in New England.
Ross Towboat was also a local operator in Boston at the time.

In 1979, Boston Fuel Transportation acquired Ross Towboat. The acquisition signaled Boston Fuel Transportation's entrance into the ship assist market. In 1985, Boston Fuel Transportation acquired Boston Towboat. This transaction included its yard, its towboats and name. The combined companies formed Boston Towing & Transportation Companies. Even though Boston Towing Transportation's tug division was focused on assist work, they continued moving oil. With three medium sized barges, as well as the tugs; BTT serviced various New England ports such as Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Portland, Maine; and Bangor, Maine. However, in 1990 environmental regulations called for vapor recovery systems to be installed for the transfer of gasoline from shore side to barges. Since the oil terminals in the port opted not to install the systems, most of the barges were transferred to Reinauer Transportation's operations in New York where vapor recovery systems were already in place.

Boston Towing and Transportation continues to perform ship assist and towing services in and around New England; Boston, Massachusetts and Maine.

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