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Pictured: the Florida Photo by: Birk Thomas

(T. Smith and Son, Harbor & Tidelands Towing, Crescent Towing Company, Cooper Stevedoring Company, Cooper/T. Smith, Incorporated, a Cooper Group Company)

Founded in 1942, by the Smith Family of New Orleans, Louisiana. The company established itself as a provider of towing services on the Mississippi River

Over the following thirty seven years. The Crescent Towing Company the company established operations in Mobile, Alabama in 1979. In 1983, Crescent Towing Company’s parent group at the time, T. Smith and Son, merged with the Cooper Stevedoring Company to form Cooper/T. Smith, Incorporated. Shortly following the Cooper/T. Smith merger. On December 20, 1985, the Crescent Towing Company established operations in Savannah, Georgia.

The Company provides services in the ports of New Orleans, Louisiana; Mobile, Alabama, and Savannah, Georgia.