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Pictured: the Patriot Service Photo by: Will Van Dorp

In 1997, Hornbeck Offshore Services (a company that mainly specialized in the Offshore Supply Vessel market) acquired two tugs from Sun Oil. Around the same time Leevac Marine merged with Hornbeck Offshore services. Hornbeck Offshore absorbed Leevac's tugs and barges.

In March of 1999, Hornbeck acquired four Ocean Going tugs from Maritrans Operating Partners LP, in order to expand operations into the Caribbean Market.

In 2002, Hornbeck's Tug and Barge division officially became Hornbeck Offshore Transportation, LLC. Hornbeck initiated their first new build program in 2003 for their Tug and Barge sector. The result was the double hulling of their barge fleet.

Hornbeck purchased two 6,000 horsepower ocean going Tugs in March of 2004. Hornbeck then initiated another new build program in 2005 for their Tug and Barge segment.

In order to comply with the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 ("OPA '90") Hornbeck ordered the new construction of new barges. The company then acquired four ocean going tugs in May of 2006 that where retro fitted under their Tug and Tank New Build program #2. Hornbeck Offshore Transportation currently serves the Gulf Coast, East Coast, and Great Lakes.

However, in 2013, Hornbeck Offshore Transportation's tug division was acquired by Genesis Energy of Houston, Texas.

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