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Pictured: the Michael S. Photo by: Paul Sullivan

Founded in 1890, by Captain Joseph Bisso. The Bisso Towboat Company the company's roots began with the purchase of the tug Leo.

In 1907, Captain Joseph Bisso passed away. Ownership of the company passed to Captain Bisso's son. Captain William A. "Billy" Bisso. In 1908, Captain "Billy" had founded the New Orleans Coal Company which grew to become the largest ship coaling and colliery business in the port.

In 1922, the New Orleans Coal Company merged the with the Bisso Towboat Company.

However, in the wake of World War II, Captain Bisso faced the task of modernizing his fleet and converting his tugs from steam to diesel.Although, Captain "Billy" passed away in 1963 at the age of 88.

The company was later reorganized under the leadership of his daughter, Cecilia Bisso Slatten. And, his grandson, Captain William A. "Billy" Slatten.