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Pictured: the Patricia Winslow and Peggy Winslow Photo by: Birk Thomas

(Sheepscot Pilots, Inc.)

Winslow Marine was founded in 1955, by Captain Eliot Winslow. After serving in the United States Coast Guard as well as in the United States Navy.

Following his service in the Navy, Winslow became a pilot on Maine's Sheepscot River. Winslow eventually acquired the tug Alice Winslow in 1965.

Winslow Marine grew to operates seven tugs and ten barges along the waters of New England. Captain Eliot Winslow passed away in 2006 his son David Winslow assumed control of the company. The company has grown from piloting on the Sheepscot to a fulltime operation offering ship assist, bunkering, barge rental, and coastal towing to customers along the coast of the Northeastern United States