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TugboatInformation.com is a collaboration of an idea devised by A group of individuals. As tugboat enthusiasts, they found a mutual frustration with not so much the lack of websites that cover tugboats and their histories. But, the fact that it was necessary to go to many sites to locate different pieces of information on one boat. Their goal was to create "one stop, shopping" for tugboat enthusiasts.

Construction on the original site began in 2009. When the idea was proposed initially for a book about the towing industry. However, the enormity of the material that would need to be covered was greater than a book could provide. Hence, initial construction began on the website with information and pictures that the group already had on file.

The original site eventually grew too large for the original server. And the site's growth halted. In 2009, pairing with Tugboatinfomation.com's sister site Narragansettbayshipping.com. The group retained the services of Craig Verrastro and utilizing Coldfusion software and servers with larger capacities, the original version of the site was dismantled and construction began on the current incarnation of Tugboatinformation.com.

Since 2009, the site has grown to become what group has envisioned, not only as a single site for information on tugboats. But, as an active community that allows the site's viewers to add and contribute to a collective exchange of information.