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(Smith Rice Derrick Barge Company, Smith Rice Company)

The Smith-Rice Company was founded in the 19th century in California as a land contractor. In 1903, Charles Rice transitioned the firm into marine contracting.

The Smith-Rice Derrick Barge Company was founded in 1947 as a partnership between Charles Rice and Thomas Crowley, owner of the Crowley Launch and Tugboat Company. Charles Rice, then, after 1958, his son Edgar "Bud" Rice, served as CEO of the new firm.

In 1974, Bud Rice sold his interest in Smith-Rice Derrick to Crowley, where it was integrated as a subsidiary. In 1975, it became a part of the newly reorganized Crowley Maritime Corporation.

Rice exited the maritime industry in 1986, selling the Smith-Rice Company to the Dutra Group.

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