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Pictured: the Richard Holyoke From the collection of Kyle Stubbs

Founded by Barney Jones at Bellingham, Washington in 1914. Starting with a single, 44-foot tug, the company soon gained contracts with local sawmills to tow log rafts, then expanded into towing wood chip barges to and from Canadian waters. Eventually the company fleet added a number of additional vessels, peaking at 13 tugs.

Barney Jones passed away in 1944 and the company shares were divided up between his daughter and a number of longtime employees. In 1949, the company was sold to Foss Launch and Tug of Seattle, Washington, which continued to operate Bellingham Tug and Barge as a subsidiary.

The Bellingham Tug and Barge name continued to be used into the 1970's, then was phased out of use.

Active Tugs
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