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Pictured: the Capt. William Photo by: The Southern Dredging Company

Founded in 1982, the Southern Dredging Company Incorporated is a family owned small business dredging contractor based in Charleston, South Carolina.

The company operates along the southeast coast of the United States from Florida to Norfolk, Virginia. Performing projects including maintenance dredging, maintaining harbors, maintaining rivers and navigational channels.

Other services include: beach nourishment, marsh construction, containment area management, AIWW dredging, hydraulic dredging, environmental dredging, dredged sediment dewatering, navigation channel dredging, port dredging, and other type dredging work throughout the southeast United States.

Other projects areas include the Intercoastal Waterway, and facilities such as the United States Navy Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia.

Active Tugs
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