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Pictured: the Capt. Steve Photo by: Doug Miller

Initially founded in 1905, as the Smith Marine Shipyard by the Smith Family of Baltimore, Maryland servicing vessels from their location in Curtis Bay.

The Smith family would later enter the barge rental business in the 1960's. Eventually gravitating toward the tugboat industry by the mid-1980's.

The company would go on to acquire nearly twenty barges, and a small fleet of towing vessels. With the acquisition of the tug Rising Sun in 1986, the company strived to diversify.

The Smith Shipyard continued to service coastal towing vessels. As well as various dredging companies, and the Army Engineers.

In addition to providing towing services to United States Coast Guard's located in Curtis Bay as well. Including yard, and tug and barge service for local shipping agents and bridge companies.

Active Tugs
Retired / Sold / Inactive / Lost Units