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Pictured: the John G. Morgan Photo by: Tony Hogwood

(Basin Marine Inc., Morgan's Boat Rental Inc.)

Basin Fleeting Incorporated was founded in 1993, by Mike Clark and was later passed on to his son Ross Clark and his daughter Alex LeBlanc. The company is based in Berwick, Louisiana where the Atchafalaya River meets the Intracoastal Waterway.

Basin Fleeting is a vessel services company dedicated to providing barge fleeting, repair, and transportation services. The company specializes in barge fleeting, barge repair and maintenance, barge shifting, towing services, tow assists.

The company also operates w one of the largest deck barge fleets along the Gulf Coast, mobilizing and demobilizing the equipment of several major companies at its facility in Berwick, Louisiana.

Retired / Sold / Inactive / Lost Units