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Formed in 1978, as the Ballard Diving and Salvage Company based in Ballard, Washington. The company provided diving, salvage services, and other emergency services to the local maritime community as well as the Puget Sound area.

In 2001, Jesse Hutton founded Northwest Underwater Construction to provide support to hydofacilites along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Hutton's operation soon grew to include nationwide dam rehabilitation work as well.

In 2006, Ballard Diving and Salvage was acquired by Shilo Hutton. In 2008, the company founded its Hyperberic Services Division. In 2009, the company expanded operations into California and establishes offices in the region.

In 2013, all of the companies were consolidated into the rebranded Ballard Marine Construction Company. That same year, the company acquired assets from Veolia, opening a regional office in Wisconsin and expanding into the mid western United States.

In 2017, the company expanded into the state of Florida and opening a regional office as well. That same year, Traylor Construction Group of Bowie, Maryland invests in Ballard Marine Construction. Although Ballard remained a standalone, family-owned company.

In 2020, Ballard Marine Construction launches a Robotics and Survey Division (RSD) dedicated to remote intervention and inspection solutions.

In 2022, the company acquires assets from Marine Technologies Incorporated of Baltimore, Maryland and establishes a Mid-Atlantic Regional Office.

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