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The Harlem Transfer Company was organized in 1898, and was the first of the "pocket terminals" to be located in the Bronx along the Harlem River in New York, New York. The company was located at Park Avenue (formerly Railroad Avenue) and East 135th Street.

Originally the company was built by, owned and operated by the Erie Railroad. There was an understanding that sometime between 1898 and 1906, several other railroads would jointly operate in the facility. When the Harlem Transfer facility opened, it's primary interchange partners were the Erie, Central Railroad of New Jersey and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroads.

In 1902, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad entered into agreement to interchange at this facility as well. In 1906, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad purchased the property outright and took control of the operations for their exclusive use, but kept the Harlem Transfer Company as a subsidiary with its own name, and leaving the other railroads to build their own carfloat terminals on the Harlem River. However, the Erie Railroad would retain a presence at this facility through the 1930's.

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