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(Hewitt and Tuttle Co., Columbia Transportation Co., Montreal Mining Co., Ferro Engineering Co., Saginaw Dock and Terminal Co., Richwood Sewell Coal Co., North Shore Land Co., Standard Box Co., Fairport Machine Shop, Inc., Pringle Barge Line Co.)

The Oglebay Norton Company was founded when Crispin Oglebay had invested in this West Virginia company in the early 1860's. Having inherited this "coal country" iron processor, son Early W. Oglebay sought to integrate vertically via the purchase of iron ore mines in the Gogebic Range on the southwestern shores of Lake Superior.

This saw the union the two family businesses the Oglebay teamed with Henry Tuttle. To form the Oglebay and Company. The business's network of mines included America's largest underground mine, and the Montreal in Wisconsin.

Tuttle passed away in a railroad accident in 1889, Earl Oglebay bought out the surviving Tuttles and renamed the company as Oglebay Company.

In 1890, Earl Oglebay partnered with Cleveland, Ohio banker David Z. Norton to form the Oglebay, Norton and Norton Company.

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