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Pictured: the Sand Master Photo by: Will Van Dorp

The Amboy Aggregates Company was based in South Amboy, New Jersey. On west end of Raritan Bay. The company consisted of the tug Sand Master and a suction dredge the tug transports. As well as the tug Sand Mate, which acted as a support vessel for the Sand Master's operations.

The Sand Master operated year round maintaining entrance channels to New York Harbor. Dredging operations were directed by United States Army Corps of Engineers.

As part of the arrangement, the Amboy Aggregates Company retained the dredge spoils. The spoils were off loaded at the company's pier in South Amboy, New Jersey. A percentage of the spoils where washed and used as an ingredient in cement. Other spoils where utilized in roads maintenance and construction.

In 2015, the company reduced operations. And their assets where "laid up."
(Bill Haines)

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