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Pictured: the Sun Chief Photo by: Chris Jenkins

(Colonial Oil Company, REVILLO CORPORATION)

Founded in 1921, by Raymond M. Deméré of Savannah, Georgia. After returning home at the conclusion of World War I. Deméré sought to take advantage of the need for petroleum products to fuel automobiles or "gasoline buggies" as they were also referred to at the time.

In 1921, Deméré founded the American Oil Company of Savannah, Georgia. With one barrel of lubricating oil, and a warehouse. He would soon add a storage tank, as well.

In 1933, the company was renamed as the Colonial Oil Company. With the rebranding of the company, t's expansion began. Seeing opportunities for the distribution of petroleum products at the Port of Savannah, Georgia. Deméré constructed on an independent, ocean terminal, and storage facility. Shortly after it's completion the terminal became the largest of its kind in the Southeast United States. Occupying more than 100 acres of Savannah River frontage.

The Sun State Marine Services Incorporated was founded as part of the Colonial Oil Company's expansion into the Maritime Market.

In 2002, the Chatham Towing Company merged with the Colonial Towing Company of Savannah, Georgia. To form the Chatham-Colonial Towing Company of Savannah, Georgia. And, the Sun State Marine Services fleet was integrated into the new company.

In 2013, the company was acquired by the Vane Brothers Company of Baltimore, Maryland.

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