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Pictured: the Coral Coast Photo by: Birk Thomas

(Rodney H. Dann and Sons Inc., Robert Dann Towing Co.)

In 1967, following a number years of working with his father. Robert Dann along with his brother Rodney Dann, acquired the tug Rodney H. Dann from their father.

In 1968, the two constructed their first new the Ocean Tower. Which was built in 1968, by Main Iron Works of Houma, Louisiana. That was followed by the Zeus which was built in 1974, by Bobbin Fabricators of Harvey, Louisiana.

In 1985, the Robert Dann Towing Company became the Dann Marine Towing Company of Chesapeake City, Maryland. When Robert Dann along with his wife Joan Dann, established a company separate of his brother Rodney Dann. Rodney Dann would establish the Dann Ocean Towing Company of Tampa, Florida.

In 1985, Dann and his family acquired a shipyard in Chesapeake City, Maryland from Robert's mother Ruby. Canal Place, as it is called. Is the current base of operations for Dann Marine Towing Company. The property houses an office, warehouse, workshop, and bulkheads. To allow servicing the company's fleet of tugs, and barges.