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(B.E.D.T, Havemeyer of the Elder firm)

The Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal based in New York, New York. Owned a number of tugboats during the company's existence. It was reported, to have had at least two in service at any one time.

In 1916, a Public Service Commission Report states the B.E.D.T. had five tugs. The tugboats were steam powered at the turn of the century and fired by coal. Then newer steam powered tugboats fired by Bunker C fuel. Were acquired by the company about mid 1910's through the 1940's. Eventually diesel-electric power designs replaced those tugs in the late 1950's. Which precipitated the BEDT to switch from steam locomotives to diesel.

While the majority of the company's tugboats prior to the 1970's were registered in Brooklyn, New York. Under the to the Havemeyer of the Elder Firm of New York, New York. However, the vessels "Petro Arrow" and "Petro Flame" were registered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is unknown to whom these vessels were owned by in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Speculation was that it was under the ownership of one of the petroleum or tobacco companies that became involved in the ownership of the B.E.D.T. during the 1970's.
(Philip M. Goldstien, Birk Thomas)

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