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Pictured: the Diane H Photo by: Kyle Stubbs

(Halvorsen Towing Company Inc., Boyer Alaska Barge Line Inc.)

Founded in the 1920's, when Boyer Halvorsen began towing logs and hauling freight on Puget Sound. His fleet eventually grew, expanding operations into Southeast Alaska.

In 1959, the Puget Sound operations were incorporated as the Halvorsen Towing Company. While Alaska operations became the Boyer Towing Company.

In 1965, Boyer Towing Incorporated acquired all outstanding shares of the Olson Tug Boat Company of Tacoma, Washington.

In 1976, The company then merged all of its operations into the Halvorsen Towing Company. That same year, Boyer Towing Incorporated launched the Boyer Alaska Barge Line Incorporated. Which was a subsidiary that later became a significant component of the modern day Alaska Marine Line.

Eventually, the Halvorsen Towing Company's operations were merged with Boyer Towing Incorporated. Establishing the entirety of Boyer Towing Incorporated.