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Pictured as: the Tilly (Roehrig) Photo courtesy of: Capt. Christopher Roehrig

Built in 1943, by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation of Morris Heights, New York (hull #DPC 86) as the DPC- 86 for the United States Defense Plant Corporation.

In 1946, the tug was acquired by the Lewis Oil Company of New York, New York. Where she was renamed as the Lewis No. 8.

In 1969, she was acquired by the Eklof Marine Corporation of Staten Island, New York. Where the tug retained her name.

In 1981, the tug was acquired by the Gaelic Tugboat Company of Detroit, Michigan. Where she was renamed as the Tipparary.

In 1990, she was acquired by Roehrig Maritime of Staten Island, New York. Where the tug. was renamed as the Tilly. Named for Roehrig Maritime founder, Captain Christopher Roehrig's maternal grandmother.

In 2006, the tug was then acquired by DCD Maritime of Key West, Florida. Where she retained her name. And, converted to a "live aboard."

In January of 2007, she was painted red. The tug was berthed at Stock Harbor. Which was located in the vicinity of Key West, Florida. In 2014, the tug sank after being evicted from a local marina.

She was powered by a single, V-8 EMD 567 diesel engine. With a Falk reduction gear, and transmission. She was a single screw tug, rated at 850 horsepower.
(Captain Christopher Roehrig, Captain Harold Rudd)

  • Vessel Name: TIPPARARY
  • USCG Doc. No.: 244276
  • Vessel Service: TOWING VESSEL
  • IMO Number: 8644345
  • Trade Indicator: Coastwise Unrestricted
  • Call Sign: WA7125
  • Hull Material: STEEL
  • Year Built: 1943
  • Length: 81.1
  • Hull Depth: 9.8
  • Hull Breadth: 24
  • Gross Tonnage: 146
  • Net Tonnage: 99
  • Previous Vessel Names:
    DPC- 86, Lewis No. 8, Tilly
  • Previous Vessel Owners:
    Defense Plant Corp., Lewis Oil Co., Eklof Marine Corp., Gaelic Tugboat Co., TUG TILLY LLC, DCD MARITIME INC.