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Photo by: Birk Thomas

Built in 2007, by the Marinette Marine Corporation of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (hull #0811) as the Christiana for the Vane Brothers Company of Baltimore, Maryland.

An ATLANTIC III class Articulated Tug and Barge. She was the second ATB constructed for the Vane Brothers Company. The unit was designed by Robert Hill of Ocean Tug and Barge Engineering of Milford, Massachusetts.

Named for the Christina River, Christiana is a commonly used variant spelling of the name. The river was named for Queen Christina of Sweden. Fort Christina, was the first permanent European settlement in Delaware. Which was established at the confluence of Brandywine Creek and the Christina River in 1638 as a part of the Swedish colony of New Sweden. The river is a tributary of the Delaware River. Approximately 35 miles long, in northern Delaware in the United States.

Flowing through small areas of southeastern Pennsylvania and northeastern Maryland. Near its mouth the river flows past downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Forming the city's harbor for traffic on the Delaware River. The Port of Wilmington, opened in 1923 at the river's mouth, it handles international cargo and trade.

The river rises in southeastern Pennsylvania, in Franklin Township in southern Chester County. And, initially flows southeastwardly, passing through the northeastern extremity of Maryland in northeastern Cecil County, into New Castle County in Delaware. Where it flows through western and southern areas of the city of Newark and then turns northeastwardly, passing the town of Newport and approaching Wilmington from the southwest. It receives White Clay Creek from the west near Newport, and Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, approximately 2 miles upstream of its mouth.

In 2022, the tug was phased out of active service. And was "laid up" at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2024, the tug along with the barge Double Skin 141 were acquired by Marathon Asset Management LLP. of New York, New York. Where the tug was renamed as the Battery Park. And, the barge was renamed as the MAM 141.

Powered by two, EMD GML12-710G7B diesel engines. With Reintjes WAF 3455 HL/HR reduction gears. Turning two, Rolls Royce, stainless steel, fixed pitch, propellers. She is a twin screw tug, rated at 6,000 horsepower.

Her electrical service is provided by two, 99kW Marathon generator sets. With a third auxiliary 99kW generator set. The tug's capacities are 135,875 gallons of fuel, 4,077 gallons of lube oil, 19,995 gallons of fresh water, and 23,294 gallons of ballast.

Outfitted with an INTERcon coupler system. The Christiana was married to the 137,500(bbl), double hulled, barge the Double Skin 143. That was built simultaneously in 2007, by the Manitowoc Marine Group of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for the Vane Brothers Company.

In 2022, the Double Skin 143 was reassigned to be "married" with the tug Brandywine.

  • Vessel Name: CHRISTIANA
  • USCG Doc. No.: 1190570
  • Vessel Service: TOWING VESSEL
  • IMO Number: 9383273
  • Trade Indicator: Coastwise Unrestricted, Registry
  • Call Sign: WDD5937
  • Hull Material: STEEL
  • Hull Number: 811
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Length: 116.1
  • Hailing Port: WILMINGTON, DE.
  • Hull Depth: 22
  • Hull Breadth: 38
  • Gross Tonnage: 215
  • Net Tonnage: 146
  • Previous Vessel Names:
  • Previous Vessel Owners: