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Pictured: the Crystal Cutler Photo by: Birk Thomas

Founded in 1995, Poling Cutler began operations near the time the former Poling Transportation went out of business.

The Founders of the new company were Ed Poling, whose grandfather started the former Poling company, and Gary Cutler who spent years working in the financial world before getting involved in Marine Transportation.

Poling Cutler's growth was based on the acquisition of several older vessels either directly from the Poling Transportation Company or at auction as it went through bankruptcy. The company is based in New Jersey. Company vessels, are based at the piers of Caddell Dry Dock and Repair of Staten Island, New York.

The company changed from operations involving aging motorized tankers with one small oil barge, to a tug and barge operation.

Retired / Sold / Chartered / Lost Units