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(CHEVRON USA SHIPPING COMPANY INCORPORATED, Standard Oil Company of California, Standard Oil Company(California))

Chevron traces its roots to the Star Oil Company, which discovered oil deposits near Los Angeles, California in 1876. The company later became a part of the Pacific Coast Oil Company, which was acquired by Standard Oil in 1900.

When the federal government broke up Standard Oil under the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1911, the operations in the state of California became an independent Standard Oil Company retaining the rights to use the name only in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. In 1926 the company rebranded itself as the Standard Oil Company of California. In the thirties, the Chevron brand was created in order to avoid using the Standard Oil name in other markets.

In 1984, Standard Oil of California merged with the Gulf Oil Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reestablishing the company as the Chevron Corporation.

Today Chevron is one of the world's leading petroleum companies, with active operations in a variety of facets of the energy industry.

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