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Pictured: the Bunny C. Photo by: Marc Piche

(C and P Tug and Barge Co.)

Founded in 1949, the Crofton Diving Corporation was established by Juan F. Crofton upon his return to Hampton Roads following World War II. Where he went to work as a diver for a Submarine Engineering Company.

Along with his friend Ernest “Duke” Morris, the two acquired a 50(ft), wooden workboat that they named as the Cromo. The vessel was named as such as Juan Crofton won the coin toss to determine the vessel's name.

In 1968 Ernest Morris left the diving business. Juan F. Crofton then formed the Crofton Diving Corporation. The company established operations along the Norfolk, Virginia waterfront.

The Crofton Diving Corporation provided services for every shipyard in the area. In addition to serving the numerous utilities and industries.

In 1983, Crofton's four children began working with the family business. And in 1984, the Crofton Diving Corporation expanded into marine construction.

In 1986, the company out grew of its half-acre facility in Norfolk, Virginia. The company shifted their facilities across the river to Portsmouth, Virginia with a seven acre facility. And a 9000(SQ FT) building that consisted of office and warehouse spaces.

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