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Pictured: the Northstar Integrity Photo by: Birk Thomas

(POLLUTION SOLUTIONS OF NEW JERSEY LLC., REEVES MCEWING LLP., River Services Co., Northstar River Services Inc., Northstar Environmental Services Inc.)

Founded in 1990, Northstar Marine provides a variety of marine related services including, barge and vessel rentals, lift boat services, marine spill response, hydrographic & geophysical survey support, offshore wind and diving services to both the public and private sectors.

The company also operates two affiliate companies as well, Northstar Environmental Services which provides a broad spectrum of environmental services to private, public, industrial and commercial clients.

And in 2020, Northstar Marine Incorporated absorbed the River Services Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the Northstar Marine Incorporated banner as Northstar River Services.

Northstar River Services specializes in providing marine transportation services, launch and stores support, including USDA / customs-regulated garage services, platform construction for fireworks displays and construction projects, towing and barge rentals, lost anchor recovery, secure facility indoor and outdoor storage, barge launch, buoy servicing and placement, ship's stores and supplies delivery services.

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