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Pictured: the Manitou Photo by: Todd Shorkey

(Keith E. Malcolm)

Founded in 1960, by Keith E. Malcolm as a marine construction, diving, and salvage company. The company's first job was the recovery of a ships anchor in the St. Clair River. Subsequent jobs grew to include vessel inspections, wheel and or rudder repairs, and marine construction. Barbara Ann Malcolm, assisted Keith in the business of the company.

In 1970, Malcolm Marine acquired a new tug, delivering the tug from the Panama Canal to the Great Lakes. This was the first large tug for the company. The Alhajuela was constructedi n the Panama Canal, and spent the entirety of her working career there up to that point. Upon her acquisition by Keith Malcolm, where she was renamed Barbara Ann.

The Barbara Ann became the first tug owned by Malcolm to tow on a ship. She as also the And the first tug on and icebreaking job breaking on Lower Lake Huron on April 22, 1972.

In the fall of 1971, the Taboga was acquired by Malcolm Marine, she also came from the Panama Canal. She measured 143 (ft) in length, and was 2,400 horsepower.

In 1973, when Keith and Barbara Malcolm's oldest son, David Malcom joined the business upon his graduation from high school. And In 1974, David Malcolm's younger brother Donald Malcolm joined the company.

In July of 1976, the company sold the Taboga. And in 1978, with the sinking of the Allegheny at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Traverse City, Michigan the company acquired the tug as is, where is. Malcolm Marine pumped her out, refit her, and renamed her as the Malcolm.

In 1984, Malcolm Marine acquired a surplus Coast Guard icebreaking tug named the Manitou. Over a five year period, the tug was rebuilt , and re powered effectively doubling her horsepower. And in 1994, the company sold the Malcolm.

On August 17th, 2007 Keith Malcolm passed away from pancreatic cancer. His sons David and Donald continue to manage the company providing marine construction services, general towing services, salvage services, ship assist services, pile driving services, dredging and dredging support services, dock construction, and icebreaking services on the Great Lakes.

In 2024, the company ceased operations.

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