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Pictured: the Mulberry and Scoharie Photo by: John "Red" Bartlett

(Neptune Marine Inc., Connecticut Dredge LLC., PATRIOT MARINE LLC., Main Tugboat LLC.)

Founded in 1988 as Neptune Marine Incorporated. In 2005, the company was rebranded as Patriot Marine LLC.

The company has a history of providing marine construction and dredging services throughout New England area, including Long Island Sound, New York Harbor, Block Island Sound and the Hudson River Area.

Based in New Haven, Connecticut. Patriot Marine Incorporated operates yards in New Haven, Connecticut with 300 feet of bulkhead space, and a 76,000 square foot Warehouse. As well as a yard East Boston, Massachusetts with 200 feet of bulkhead, and 200 feet of berthing.

Retired / Sold / Inactive / Lost Units