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Pictured: the Sidney Candies Photo by: Rogerio Cordeiro

Founded in 1942, by Captain Otto B. Candies when he was asked to provide small craft support to an oil rig to clear water lilies from an access canal. This first job lead to a crew transport contract with the Humble Oil Company which would later become the ExxonMobil Corporation.

The company was the first independent contractor to use ocean going barges for deep sea supply. Another first, was a Candies vessel transported a complete production package from Houston, Texas to the North Sea. As well as being the first company to move a full refinery. Delivering 6,000 tons of cargo, a week for seventy two weeks from Houston, Texas to Puerto Rico. The Otto Candies company was contracted by NASA when the organization needed to ship their Saturn V rocket to Cape Kennedy, Florida.

The company also performed critical logistics coordination and project management of ExxonMobil's Hoover/Diana Development, to crew transport in the wake of the Valdez grounding in Prince William Sound

In Boston Harbor the Candies Company was contracted for the complex task of sinking a commuter tunnel. The company modified a submersible barge for the task. Otto Candies vessels also were contracted to transport the Gorilla V. The largest jackup rig ever constructed, from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Sabine, Texas. As well as tow, three, twenty five mile sections of pipeline from Corpus Christi, Texas to a location 400 miles nautical miles offshore.

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