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Founded in 1853, by Captain Joseph Bisso when he began constructing wooden boats to ferry passengers and commodities across the Mississippi River at New Orleans, Louisiana.

In or around 1890, human power was replaced by steam power and Joseph Bisso and his son William Bisso began transporting wood and cotton along the Mississippi River.

By the 1920's the Bissos had moved into the ship assist, ship bunkering and coaling services. William Bisso, soon acquired the company's first derrick barge for stevedoring, diving and salvage operations.

In the 1940's the offshore oil industry was in it's infancy. William Bisso, using a steam powered derrick barge was involved in the installations of some of the earliest facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. It was around the same time that the company established towing services to the Caribbean and South America.

Currently, the company provides a host of services ranging from inland to ocean operations including: construction, heavy lift, diving, salvage, wreck removal, as well as marine transportation, and towing services.

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