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Pictured: the Josephine Anne Photo by: Paul Sullivan

Founded in 1880, by Captain Joseph Bisso when he founded a ferry service to row people across the Mississippi River in Uptown New Orleans. The company expanded to employ the use of steam powered ferries and towing vessels. The ferry business grew into a sizable venture and was eventually acquired by the State of Louisiana.

In 1946, the company was split up and Captain Edwin Napoleon Bisso and his son, Joseph August Bisso, II formed their own company with 6 tugboats and 2 heavy-lift derricks, naming it E.N. BISSO & SON. E.N. Bisso and Son Incorporated has been providing ship assist and offshore towing services in the Lower Mississippi River for over 100 years.

The company provides ship-assist and harbor tug services in New Orleans, Louisiana along the Mississippi River. As well as Gulfport, Mississippi; Port Canaveral, Florida; and Palm Beach, Florida. With services including docking and undocking ships, tugs and barges, and ATBs, as well as Escort, "Hold-In" and Stand-by services.

In 2023, the company acquired the harbor towing assets of the SeaBulk Towing Services Incorporated Fort Lauderdale, Florida.