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Photo by: Captain Ron Greger

Built in 1965, by the Marinette Marine Corporation of Marinette, Wisconsin (hull #YTB-785) as the YTB-785 (Winnemucca) for the United States Navy.

Her keel was laid down on September 23rd of 1965. The tug was launched on of December 23rd of 1965. She was delivered to the Navy on April 5th of 1966. And placed into service in June of 1966. She was allocated to the 5th Naval District at Norfolk, Virginia.

During the Vietnam War tug was assigned Task Force 117, the Mobile Riverine Force. From June 10th, of 1967 to January 26th of 1968. The tug participated in Phase III of the Vietnamese Counteroffensive.

From January 30th to April 1st of 1968, she participated in the Tet Counteroffensive. From April 2nd to June 30th of 1968. She participated in Phase IV of the Vietnamese Counteroffensive.

From July 1st to November 1st of 1968, the tug participated in Phase V of the Vietnamese Counteroffensive. From November 2nd of 1968 to February 22nd of 1969, she was part of Phase VI of the Vietnamese Counteroffensive.

From February 23rd to June 8th of 1969, the tug participated in the Tet 69 counteroffensive. From June 9th to October 31st of 1969, she was involve in the Vietnam Summer-Fall of 1969. From November 1st 1969 to April 30th of 1970, the tug participated in the Vietnam Winter-Spring of 1970.

From May 1st to June 30th of 1970, she was part of the Sanctuary Counteroffensive. From July 1st, 1970 to November 30th 1971 Phase VII of the Vietnamese Counteroffensive. From July 1st to November 30th of 1971, she was part of the first phase of Consolidation.

From December 1st of 1971 to March 29th of 1972, she was part of the second phase of Consolidation. And from March 30th of 1972 to January 28th of 1973, the tug participated in the Vietnam Ceasefire Campaign.

In total, the YTB-785 (Winnemucca) earned thirteen campaign stars for Vietnam War service. She was the most decorated tug in Naval History.

In 1973, she was assigned to the 17th Naval District at Adak, Alaska. And in 1975, the tug was reassigned in to the 12th Naval District at San Francisco, California. She was eventually placed out of service, and struck from the Naval Register on the 20th of December 1995.

On December 22nd, 2003 she was sold by the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) for reuse, and, or conversion to LMW Investments Incorporated of Chula Vista, California.

In 2006, the tug acquired by Greger Pacific Marine Incorporated of Napa, California. Where she was renamed as the Noelani. Named for owner Ron Greger's daughter.

In 2020, she was acquired by the Coos Bay Tugboat Company of Coos Bay, Oregon. Where the tug retained her name.

In 2023, the tug was acquired by 41 North Offshore LLC of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Where she was renamed as Nanook.

Originally powered by a single, ten cylinder, Fairbanks Morse OP 10 diesel engine. With a 6:1 reduction gear, turning a 144(in) by 86(in) four bladed, fixed pitch, propeller for a rated 2,000 horsepower.

In 2008, she was repowered with a single, EMD 12-710 G7B, turbo diesel engine, with a 6:1 reverse reduction gear. Turning a single, 144(in) by 96(in), fixed pitch propeller. She is a single screw tug, rated at 3,000 horsepower.

And she was also outfitted with a retractable 450 horsepower z-drive on her bow, as well as a 350 horsepower tunnel thruster.

In 2006, she was also fitted with an upper wheelhouse with a 42(ft) height of eye. The tug was fitted with an Almon Johnson, V-4, single drum towing winch. With a Pendant drum capacity for up to 1,100(ft) of 2(in) towing wire. Outfitted with 2,600(ft) of 2(in) wire rope with 90(ft) of 2.5(in) surge chain, and 600(ft) of 2(in) underidder. On her bow, the tug was fitted with a bow winch outfitted with 600(ft) of line. As well as, an 8 ton hydraulic crane, with a 50(ft) reach. And, a three pin Western Machine Works. As well as an Orville Hook for emergency towing operations.

Her electrical service is provided by two, 65kW John Deere generator sets. With a third 20kW Northern Lights generator set. The tug's capacities are 65,000 gallons of fuel, and 2,500 gallons of potable water. She also has a firefighting capacity 2,000 gallons per minute AFFF foam.
(NavSource Online, Captain Ron Greger, Bill Posey)

  • Vessel Name: NOELANI
  • USCG Doc. No.: 1186783
  • Vessel Service: TOWING VESSEL
  • IMO Number: 9089231
  • Trade Indicator: Coastwise Unrestricted, Recreational, Registry
  • Call Sign: WDD2788
  • Hull Material: STEEL
  • Hull Number: YTB 785
  • Year Built: 1965
  • Length: 102.6
  • Hailing Port: NEW BEDFORD, MA.
  • Hull Depth: 16.3
  • Hull Breadth: 28.8
  • Gross Tonnage: 142
  • Net Tonnage: 96
  • Previous Vessel Names:
    YTB-785 (Winnemucca), NOELANI, NOELANI
  • Previous Vessel Owners:
    United States Navy, Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS), LMW Investments Inc., GREGER PACIFIC EQUIPMENT LLC, COOS BAY TOWBOAT COMPANY INC.