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Pictured: the Isa Photo by: Greger Pacific Marine

(Greger Pacific, Greger Construction Rentals, Bay Barge)

Greger Pacific was founded in 1996, by Captain Ron Greger. The company is a privately held, United Stated owned and operated, government, marine service and leasing company headquartered in Napa, California. Services are provided worldwide by three business segments including:

Greger Pacific which specialized in ocean marine services, inland towing, and government towing services.

Greger Construction Rentals which specializes in equipment rentals and barging materials, derrick barge transportation on both inland and coastal routes, anchor handling, bridge construction support, barge charters, and offshore Towing services.

Bay Barge which specializes in barge leasing. Providing services such as crane platforms, spud barges, mooring platforms for construction projects, derrick barge, material hauling, fireworks platforms, core drilling support / platforms, and sub-sea cable installation platforms.

Other services include marine event support, harbor tug assist, and dredge support. Greger Pacific services the East and Gulf coasts of the United States, Central and South America, and throughout the West Coast, Alaska, and Pacific Islands.

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