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Pictured as: the Carol Wales (Hays Tug and Launch) Photo by: John Curdy

Built in 1953, by RTC Shipbuilding Incorporated of Camden, New Jersey (hull #219) as the Walter L. Price for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company of Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1970, the tug was transferred to the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Where she was renamed as the Walter J. Touhy. And the tug's wheelhouse, and smokestack where lowered.

In 1979, she was acquired by the Boston Towboat Company of Boston, Massacusetts. Where the tug was renamed as the Carol Wales.

In 1985, the Boston Towboat Company was acquired by the Boston Fuel Transportation Company of East Boston, Massachusetts (a subsidiary of the Reinauer Transportation Company of Staten Island, New York.) Where the tug retained her name. But, was transferred to the Reinauer Transportation's Company's fleet in New York, New York.

In 1989, she was acquired by the Hays Tug and Launch Company of Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Where the tug was renamed as the Scooby Doo.

In 2008, the tug sank at the Hays Tug and Launch Company's dock at Girard Point in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although she was raised, the tug was declared a constructive total loss, and was scrapped.

Powered by a single, Fairbanks-Morse 16-38 diesel engine. She was a single screw tug, rated at 1,600 horsepower.
(Matt Surette, Paul Strubeck)

  • Vessel Name: CAROL WALES
  • USCG Doc. No.: 266173
  • Vessel Service: TOWING VESSEL
  • IMO Number: 7622625
  • Trade Indicator: Coastwise Unrestricted, Registry
  • Call Sign: WY3449
  • Hull Material: STEEL
  • Hull Number: 219
  • Ship Builder: RTC Shipbuilding
  • Year Built: 1953
  • Length: 104.2
  • Hull Depth: 12.8
  • Hull Breadth: 26.1
  • Gross Tonnage: 199
  • Net Tonnage: 135
  • Previous Vessel Names:
    Walter L. Price, Walter J. Touhy, CAROL WALES, SCOOBY DOO
  • Previous Vessel Owners:
    Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co., B. and O. Railroad Co., Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Co., Boston Towboat Co., Boston Fuel Transportation Co., Reinauer Transportation Co., BIG MAMA TUGBOAT COMPANY, INC