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Pictured: the Bert Reinauer Photo by: Birk Thomas

(Peerless Five Corp., Boston Fuel Transportation Co., Boston Towing and Transportation Co., REICON Construction Co. Inc., Southeastern New England Shipbuilding Co., SENESCO Marine Inc., SENESCO Marine, SENESCO)

Founded in 1923, the Reinauer Transportation Company began operating local service in the waters in, and, around New York and New Jersey using fishing vessels that had been converted to 13,000(bbl) tank vessels.

Since 1923, the Reinauer Transportation Company's fleet has grown to vessels ranging from 2,000 horsepower to 3,000 horsepower conventional tugs. Up to 7,200 horsepower Articulated Tug and Barge units.

In 1932, the Boston Fuel Transportation Company was founded by Bert Reinauer. In the early 1950's Reinauer partnered with Vincent Tibbetts Sr. Who then owned a company named the Chelsea Fuel Company. The Boston Fuel Transportation Company operated a small fleet of motor tankers, and barges that called on ports in New England. The Ross Towboat Company was also a local operator in Boston, Massachusetts at the time.

In 1979, the Boston Fuel Transportation Company acquired the Ross Towboat Company. The acquisition signaled the Boston Fuel Transportation Company's entrance into the ship assist market.

In 1985, the Boston Fuel Transportation Company acquired the Boston Towboat Company. This included the company's yard, its towboats, and name. The combined companies formed Boston Towing and Transportation Company. Even though the Boston Towing Transportation Company's tug division was focused on assist work, the company continued moving oil. With three medium sized barges, as well as the tugs. Boston Towing and Transportation serviced various New England ports such as Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Portland, Maine; and Bangor, Maine.

In 1990 environmental regulations called for vapor recovery systems to be installed for the transfer of gasoline from shore side to barges. Since the oil terminals in the port of Boston, Massachusetts opted not to install the systems. Most of the Boston Towing and Transportation barges were transferred to the Reinauer Transportation Company's operations in New York, New York. Where vapor recovery systems were already in place. Meanwhile, the Boston Towing and Transportation Company continued to perform ship assist, and towing services in and around New England; Boston, Massachusetts, and Maine.

In 2005, the Reinauer Transportation Companies acquired the Southeastern New England Shipbuilding Company (SENESCO Marine) of North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

In 2011, the Boston Towing and Transportation Company. A subsidiary of the Reinauer Transportation Companies. Was reabsorbed into Reinauer Transportation Companies of Staten Island, New York. Although, the vessels still feature the Boston Towing and Transportation Company logo on their stacks. All assets are wholly owned by the parent pompany, Reinauer Transportation Companies LLC of Staten Island, New York.

The Reinauer Transportation Company's operations have grown to include the Boston Towing and Transportation Company of Boston, Massachusetts. SENESCO Marine of North Kingston, Rhode Island. And, the REICON Construction Company of Staten Island, New York.