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(UNICO Commodities LLC., UNICO Commodities SA, UNICO Trading LLC, UNICO Logistics LLC.)

Founded in 2019, UNICO Commodities LLC. is commodity trading firm based in Houston, Texas.

In 2021, United Fuel Supply Caribbean LLC was rebranded as UNICO Commodities. The new company operates the new names of UNICO Commodities SA (in Switzerland) and the USA-based UNICO Commodities LLC.

The individual units of the company were renamed as UNICO Trading LLC, UNICO Logistics LLC – includes formerly Gulf Energy Transport and UNICO Retail LLC, formerly RCV Petroleum LLC.

In addition the company's maritime assets, UNICO Commodities also maintains a fleet of trucks providing ground transportation. As well as maintaining terminals in the Dominican Republic, and Curcaco.

In 2021, the company reflagged their sole maritime asset foreign under a Liberian flag.

Active Tugs
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