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Pictured: the Gulf Dawn Photo by: Birk Thomas

Based in Harvey, Louisiana Dawn Marine Services Incorporated was founded in 1982 by a father and sons team with maritime experience

The company maintains a fleet of ocean going, towing, and anchor handling vessels. Each vessel is equipped with redundant communications and navigation systems, including GPS.

Dawn Marine Services Incorporated provides services throughout the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, the Caribbean and South America. Including Dredging support, Pipeline support, Oil spill response support, Marine construction support, Anchor handling, Oil Rig towing, Inshore and offshore and foreign towage services, International and domestic salvage support.

As well as marine transportation services, including tugs, barges, crewboats, utility boats and supply vessels. Including global repositioning and relocation services for inactive vessels. And towing of disabled vessels to repair facilities and scrap yards. As well as ship assists for docking and undocking operations.