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Pictured: the Mary Gellatly Photo by: Birk Thomas

(Outer Islands Marine Corp., Gellatly Petroleum and Towing Corp.)

Founded in 1970, Peter F. Gellatly as the Outer Islands Marine Corporation of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Gellatly acquired a single shallow draft tanker to service locations such as Shelter Island, New York; Block Island, Rhode Island; Plum Island, New York; New London, Connecticut; and Westchester Creek just outside of New York City.

The company would grow to include more, and larger coastal tankers, as well as tugs and barges. And, the company would be rebranded as the Gellatly Petroleum and Towing Corporation of Hopwell Junction, New Jersey. In 1983, Peter F. Gellatly passed away at the age of 89.

In 1999, Alex Gellatly and Mario Criscione partnered to rebrand the company Gellatly and Criscione Services Incorporated of Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

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