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Pictured: the Miss Morgan Photo by: William L. Baxter

Based in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Seaward Marine Corporation provides mixed gas, deep air diving services, heavy marine construction services, dredging and construction services, as well as marine towing and tugboat services.

The company maintains associations with the Association of Diving Contractors International, the Divers Alert Network, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and The American Society of Safety Engineers.

Seaward Marine's staff consists of Project Managers, Estimators, Professional Engineer/Commercial Diver (NY and VA state certified), Field and Dive Superintendents, Construction Foremen, Over 30 Commercial Divers, Crane and Equipment Operators, Certified Welders, Fabricators, Skilled Laborers, and Administrative Staff.

With training and certifications with FHWA and NHI federal bridge inspectors, and ADCI (or) ACDE mixed-gas divers and rack operators, Decompression chamber operators, Navy and Army Corps of Engineers quality control, Non-destructive testing, Basic rigging, Standard first aid/ first responders and CPR, DAN 02 providers are ADCI (or) ACDE surface supplied air diver/ tender certified, Current dive physicals, Topside and underwater cutting and burning, AWS D3.6 class B wet-welding, and AWS D1.1 topside welding.

Retired / Sold / Inactive / Lost Units