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Pictured: the Millenium Star Photo by: Birk Thomas

(Olympic Tug and Barge, Incorporated; Harley Marine: Portland, OR; Harley Marine: Seattle, WA.; Harley Marine: San Francisco, CA.; Harley Marine: Long Beach, CA; Harley Marine: Dutch Harbor, AK; Harley Marine: Houston, TX; Harley Marine: Houston, TX; Harley Marine: New York, NY; Millennium Marine; Starlight Marine Services; Harley Marine Gulf, HARCO MARINE LLC, Pacific Coast Maritime, WESTOIL MARINE SERVICES INC)

Founded in 1987, by Harley Franco. Who founded his business with one leased tug, and barge under the name Olympic Tug and Barge Incorporated of Seattle, Washington.

In 1992, the Olympic Tug and Barge company expanded their fleet to four tugs, and three barges. The vessels operated inside Puget Sound.

In 1994, the company expanded into providing bunkering, and lube oil services in the Columbia, and Willamette Rivers outside of Portland, Oregon. In 1995, after acquiring a deck barge, Olympic Tug and Barge expanded into dry bulk transportation, and deck barge services.

In 1997, Olympic Tug tug and Barge entered into a major petroleum transportation contract with the British Petroleum Company. Later that year, the company entered into a joint venture with Chauvco, a large Canadian oil company. To operate three tankers in the West Africa. The company was named Westoil Marine Transport Incorporated. However, in 1998 this joint venture was sold.

In 1998, the Company acquired Pacific Coast Maritime, a marine services company that had been founded in 1982. Pacific Coast Maritime had provided tug and barge services in Alaska, Washington, and California.

In 1998, Harley Marine Services purchased the assets of the Links Marine company. The marine transportation division of the Chemoil Corporation. With three barges, two tugs, and an oil spill response vessel. This company was renamed Westoil Marine Services Incorporated, and primarily provided the transportation of marine fuels in Los Angeles, and Long Beach Harbors.

In 2000, the company began providing ship assist, and escort services in Los Angeles, and Long Beach Harbors. Using four tractor tugs under the company name Millennium Maritime Incorporated.

In July 2000, Harley Marine purchased Public Service Marine, Incorporated founded in 1978; to build and operate the barge Jovalan, which transported petroleum products for public utilities in Southern California.

In 2003, the company began servicing the San Francisco Bay Area market under the company name Starlight Marine Services Incorporated. Providing petroleum transportation, tanker escort, and ship assist services.

In 2006, Harley Marine Services established company's first east coast company. Which was named Harley Marine Services Incorporated of New York.

In 2011, the company established Harley Marine Gulf when the company acquired the former MGI Company of Houston, Texas.

In 2019, Harley Marine Services was rebranded as the Centerline Logistics Corporation of Seattle, Washington.

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