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Pictured: the Justin D. Sbisa Photo by: Kyle Stubbs

(JAR ASSETS INC., Florida Marine Group, FMT Aggregate LLC., FMT Shipyard and Repair LLC., FMT Dry Cargo, FMT Aggregate, FMT INDUSTRIES LLC., PASENTINE FAMILY ENTERPRISES LLC)

Founded in 1993, Florida Marine Transporters Incorporated began with the acquisition of six towboats, and six barges from Brown Marine Service Incorporated of Pensacola, Florida.

In 1994, Dennis Pasentine joined the company. Serving in the positions of Port Captain, Personnel Manager, Operating Manager and Chief Operating Officer.

In 1998, Pasentine became owner of Florida Marine Transporters Incorporated, and the company began diversifying under the banner of the Florida Marine Group.

In 2008, the Florida Marine Group diversified by opening FMT Shipyard and Repair, LLC. Located just outside New Orleans in Harvey, Louisiana. FMT Shipyard and Repair specializes in repowering vessels, full refurbishing, carpentry work, seal conversions, quick propeller changes, full underwater services, alignments, tank cleaning and steel work.

In 2009, the Florida Marine Group established FMT Aggregate LLC. Operating along the Mississippi River and its tributaries, the company developed the ability to move freight along all sectors. FMT Aggregate operates the FMT Alexandria Terminal and two fleets, one at Grace Point and one at Old River on the Mississippi River.

In 2015, the Florida Marine Group expanded with FMT Aggregate’s establishment of its Marine Bulk Handling division. Providing barge unloading services, capable of handling numerous products. Including aggregate limestone, riprap, sand, clay, iron ore, bauxite, dredge spoils, frac sand, super sack cargoes, synthetic aggregate and oyster bed materials.

Florida Marine Group maintains a diverse fleet of more than six dozen vessel and several hundred tank, deck, hopper and pressure barges to transport liquid, chemical, dry and LPG cargoes. Serving the Upper Mississippi River, Lower Mississippi River, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Black Warrior River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, Monongahela River, Red River, Allegheny River, Ouachita River, Illinois River, Cumberland River, the Intracoastal Waterway from Brownsville, Texas to St. Marks, Florida, Atchafalaya River, the Great Lakes from Calumet, Illinois to Burns Harbor, Indiana, and the Tennessee River.